I work as a Full Stack Developer especially in .Net Core and Angular though I have also worked on Node.js and React. As a Developer, I always try to use logical, technical and analytic skills to develop and deliver the applications.

I have around 10 years of relevant experience in analysis, design, and development of web applications using the programming skills C#, ASP.Net, MVC, Angular, SSRS, SQL Server, SOLR. My interest mainly lies in products which impact masses and helps in solving real-world problems. I am open to contributing to open-source projects.

I am a finance enthusiast. I love everything about finance, from the thrill of earning money to the joy of spending it. I want you to explore my world with me and learn how exciting this field can be! It’s not that I have not done any financial mistakes, there are quite a few and because of that, I tried to learn the basics of finance and tried to follow that. I love the creativity in finding new ways to invest money and make it grow, instead of just sticking with what everyone else is doing (which doesn’t always work).