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Gopesh Sharma Gopesh Sharma Follow Dec 21, 2022 · 2 mins read
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It’s always important for any individual to share any new things he learns or he has been doing in his life. Through this blog, I will be doing the same, which means I will try to share with all financial enthusiasts about my financial journey and how I will be improving day by day to become financially literate. We all want to become financially free but before that, we have to learn the bits and pieces of finance, this is what I will be trying to share with this blog. Thus I have started this blog to document my learning of anything, be it.

I am a finance enthusiast. I love everything about finance, from the thrill of earning money to the joy of spending it. I want you to explore my world with me and learn how exciting this field can be! It’s not that I have not done any financial mistakes, there are quite a few and because of that, I tried to learn the basics of finance and tried to follow that. I love the creativity in finding new ways to invest money and make it grow, instead of just sticking with what everyone else is doing (which doesn’t always work).

Fianance is an exciting world full of excitement, adrenaline and challenge! I want to share my knowledge with others so that they can learn more about finance and become passionate about it too!

I’m excited to share with you the magic of finance.

Finance is everywhere, and it’s one of the most important things you can learn about in life. You don’t have to be a banker or finance professor to be interested in learning about how money works, but if you do have an interest in financial literacy and want to learn more about it, then this blog is for you!

About Me

I work as a Full Stack Developer mainly in .Net Core and Angular though I also have knowledge of Node.js and React.js and have around 10 years of professional experience. I love coding and try to learn new things every day to be better every single day. I am also a finance enthusiast, and I am trying to become financially literate day by day.

About this Blog

This blog runs on Jekyll, using a so-simple theme and served over GitHub Pages. The website is open source if you want to have a look, Trust me, nothing is easier than building your sites using Jekyll, you can start in like 30 minutes.

Thanks for reading.

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